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Steven E. Alford and Suzanne Ferriss: Motorcycle

'Written from the outset with a clear and obvious passion for all to do with two wheels, it is engaging as well as informative . . . wide-ranging . . . refreshing non-eurocentric . . . The book is excellently presented with a large number of high-quality images . . . hugely satisfying.' –The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies

The authors, Steven E. Alford and Suzanne Ferriss, teach at Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They have been involved in the study of the intersection of motorcycles and culture for a number of years, lecturing on diverse topics such as biker fashion, New Zealand motorcyclists Burt Munro and John Britten, and the psychological effects of riding. Their work has appeared in Harley-Davidson and Philosophy, The Literature of Travel and Exploration, Motorcycle Consumer News, and elsewhere.

The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies
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